problem with overpressure

During the overpressure calculation mode, I encountered an error that I can not solve . How can I proceed in order to complete my simulation in the correct way?


Can you please provide more details on your inputs? Unfortunately we are unable to help debug until we receive more specific information.

Alice Muna, Sandia Labs


Initially I tried to insert user guide imputs, than I tried to change something but it gives me the same error.

Below I wrote first lines of the error:

overpressure wrapper failed with the following error: No session result exist or could be parsed: Traceback (most recent call last):

File "", line 30, in <module>


We need a bit more information to figure out the problem. Can you tell us the version of HyRAM (full verison number, such as you are using?

And can you list the specific inputs you used to get the error?

Finally, if you have the next few lines of the error message you get, that would be helpful also.


the version of hyram is

Please, give me an e-mail address so i can send you the page of error; it's impossible for me attach the error page in this forum, the page is very long.



Am corresponding with user on this issue via email. Please send any attachments to