Incomplete Operating and Maintenance Procedures

Leak in Liquid Hydrogen Pump Causes Explosion/Fire at Hydrogen Transfilling/Pumping System

11:23 AM Tue Jan 19, 2010 -- Anonymous (not verified)

A leaking liquid hydrogen cryogenic pump shaft during the process of filling a gaseous tube delivery trailer to 2400 psi at a liquid hydrogen transfilling location caused a series of explosions and a fire. After approximately 30 minutes of filling, the operator heard a single loud explosion and then saw flames and ripples from heat generation near the ground in the hydrogen fill area. The operator quickly actuated the emergency alarm system that shut down the cryogenic pump and closed the air-actuated valves on the cryogenic pump supply line.

Hydrogen Leak into Main Generator Stator Cooling Water System Causes Nuclear Plant to Shutdown

11:23 AM Thu Jan 7, 2010 -- Anonymous (not verified)

A previously identified generator hydrogen gas leakage into the stator cooling water system exceeded the predetermined maximum operational allowance and the nuclear plant was shut down from 100 percent power in accordance with plant operating procedures. The leak was identified by monitoring the stator water cooling system detraining tank. Following reactor shut down and generator rotor removal, a small hole was located in the collector end winding area of a slot on the top stator bar.

Breakaway Separation During Fueling

11:23 AM Tue Dec 15, 2009 -- Anonymous (not verified)

During a 70-MPa fueling, the fueling hose breakaway separated. The separation occurred without any extraneous forces other than the pressure of the gas internal to the fueling hose. Upon investigation, it was determined the pull force set point was incorrectly adjusted. No further issues or actions.

Hydrogen Makeup Gas Valve Leak in Refinery Gas Oil Hydrotreater Unit

12:23 PM Wed Sep 9, 2009 -- Anonymous (not verified)

A hydrogen leak occurred from a 1-inch gate valve on a makeup gas line in an oil refinery gas oil hydrotreater unit. When the leak was discovered, the gas oil hydrotreater unit shutdown procedures were immediately implemented and emergency response was requested. The refinery response team along with county response teams responded, and after approximately 1/2 hour, the gas oil hydrotreater unit was fully shut down.

Low-Pressure Vent Line Leak

11:23 AM Fri Nov 7, 2008 -- Anonymous (not verified)

A hose clamp failed on a low-pressure vent line from a hydrogen reactor experiment and effluent was leaked into the laboratory. Unburnt hydrogen in the effluent stream triggered the low-level hydrogen alarm. The hose clamp was resecured and other hose clamps were checked for proper tightness.

Inadequate Maintenance at a Soap Manufacturing Plant Causes a Hydrogen Flash Fire

12:23 PM Fri Jun 29, 2007 -- Anonymous (not verified)

An employee at a soap manufacturing plant died in a flash fire outside the facility's hydrogenation building. Responding personnel encountered a fire at the base of the plant's hydrogen storage towers, and they found the victim, who was burned over 90 percent of his body, some 50 feet away.

Officials determined that a pipe connection failed and that hydrogen, pressurized at 1,800 psi, ignited when it was released into the atmosphere, killing the plant operator.

Discharge Valve Installation Error

11:23 AM Mon Jan 29, 2007 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Incident Synopsis

A hydrogen compressor had been shut down for repairs and was being put back into service when an explosion occurred, resulting in property damage. The compressor was equipped with interchangeable intake and outlet valves.


The discharge valve was installed in the intake valve position, causing the cylinder head to blow off and release H2 to the atmosphere. The ignition source was not indicated.

Improper Line Break During Cleaning Run

12:23 PM Fri May 5, 2006 -- Anonymous (not verified)

An operator began preparations for a cleaning run, and was unaware that a maintenance task to calibrate a pressure transducer was scheduled to also take place that morning. The calibration required a break on a hydrogen line in order to install a Measuring and Test Equipment (M&TE) gage, which was used in the calibration. At the time the operator was informed of the calibration, the cleaning run procedure had been initiated but the actual cleaning had not yet begun.


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