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Welcome to the Hydrogen Analysis Resource Center

The Hydrogen Analysis Resource Center (HyARC) provides well-documented, reliable data for use in evaluating hydrogen-related technologies. These data can serve as the basis for calculations, modeling, and other analytical activities. Data can be accessed from databases housed in the site itself as well as through links to important websites such as those maintained by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Programs, other U.S. Government Agencies, and non-government websites. The search feature of the site allows the user to seamlessly search available data, independent of whether the data are from internal or external sources. The website also provides guidelines and assumptions for use in DOE Hydrogen Program analysis projects. In addition, the website contains several calculator tools that do useful conversions and other simple calculations relevant to hydrogen and fuel cells and links to websites housing more sophisticated analysis tools such as the H2A website, the GREET website, and others.

Descriptions of the main components within the website follow:

1. Hydrogen Properties

Contains extensive hydrogen property data and selected property data for other fuels.

2. Hydrogen Production

Contains data on merchant and captive refinery hydrogen production capacities, hydrogen production, and hydrogen purity requirements for fuel cells.

3. Hydrogen Delivery

Contains data on hydrogen pipelines, storage, and fueling stations.

4. Hydrogen Consumption

Provides information on fuel cells in over-the-road vehicles, stationary, and forklift applications.

5. Related Sites

Provides links to data from EIA, other data books (e.g., the transportation, buildings, and utilities data books developed by DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy), and other sites with data relevant to hydrogen and fuel cell analysis (e.g., the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Chemistry WebBook).

6. Guidelines and Assumptions for DOE Hydrogen Program Analysis

Contains guidelines for conducting analysis (under development) and assumptions, such as projected feedstock prices, projected utility prices, and financial assumptions, for use in analyses conducted by DOE's Hydrogen Program.

7. Calculator Tools

Provides tools to perform conversions of hydrogen from weight to energy, calculate energy equivalency among hydrogen and other transportation fuels based on heating values, perform equation of state calculations, convert units for many parameters from metric to English and other units, make simple financial calculations, and more.

8. Analysis Tools

Provides links to models and other tools relevant to hydrogen and fuel cells, such as H2A, GREET, PSAT, VISION, MOVES, and other transportation and energy models.

Note that this website is intended to provide data primarily for analysis of hydrogen and fuel cells in the United States, and it focuses on the use of hydrogen in fuel cells rather than other uses, such as in internal combustion engines or chemical processes.

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